Have you been looking for details on the Dubahub Twitter Video? Read on to find out what happened in this video and why it went viral.

What happened in the video

The Dubahub video have been making rounds on Instagram. In the video, a man was seen holding a moving bus while riding a skateboard. At the same time, he was talking over the phone, using his other hand to hold the phone. Thankfully, he did not sustain any injury. The video was posted from Medellin, Columbia. However, the identity of the man in the video was not revealed.

Why the Dubahub video is trending

The way the man was riding carelessly on the road caught people’s attention. Many people have been searching the internet for the video. The Dubahub video which was posted recently, have received millions of views. While some viewers found it exciting when it was posted on Reddit, others frowned at it saying that the video promotes recklessness.

Public opinion on the Dubahub video

The viral video was however removed from the internet after it was viewed by the authorities. This is due to fact that people would be so curious to replicate the act. The cops have condemned the act and have admonished people not to practice such act on the road because it can lead to several hazards. Despite the warnings and the measures taken to put an end to the spread, the video have resurfaced on twitter and people are already downloading it.

Our thought

We strongly discourage any act that will be harmful to people. Everyone should be cautious and stay away from

any practice that endangers lives. Strict measures should be taken on anyone who violate traffic rules.

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