Are you looking for cheaper alternatives to heat your house in the coming winter? Are you thinking of buying Warmool Heater for this purpose? Read this Warmool Heater review to know if this heater is the right product for you!

What Is Warmool Heater?

Warmool Heater is a portable heater that uses thermal radiation to heat up your home. The heater converts electrical energy into heat energy, and its heated coil begins to radiate the heat into the installation space, making the air molecules around warm enough to keep out the winter cold.

How It Works

The heater is plugged into a wall socket. After it has been turned on, the electrical charges from the socket is directed to the heating coil in the heater (similar process with your pressing iron or oven). The air molecules around the heater warm up, and the heat begins to spread across all air molecules in the room, keeping the room warm.

Warmool Heater Review
Warmool Heater Reviews

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Does Warmool Heater Work?

The first thing I will say is Warmool Heater is ideal for small spaces. For a small office and a small room, the heater performs as advertised. However, in larger spaces, the heat is not much felt. Perhaps installing a number of the heater in several points would help make it effective in larger spaces.

Also, the range is poor. When I put it in my room, I could only feel the heat when I stayed close to the heater. However, when I moved farther from it, I didn’t feel warm anymore. I have searched the Internet for reviews by other users but have found none.


  • lightweight
  • okay for very small spaces
  • portable
  • easy to use
  • affordable


  • made from cheap material
  • not durable
  • not suitable for large rooms
  • no customer reviews online


Warmool Heater is suitable for very small spaces but not great for large spaces. Also, there are cheaper and better performing heaters on Amazon.

If you’ve used Warmool Heater, please share your experience with us in the comment section.

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