Have you been looking for alternative and safer methods to clean wax from your ear? Is Smartbud a safe alternative? Read this detailed review to find out.

What Is Smartbud

Smartbud is an ear cleaning tool that can replace cotton buds. Over the years, doctors have discovered the harm that accompanies cleaning the ear with cotton swabs. With cotton buds, the wax is further pushed into the ear canal, clogging the canal, which may lead to a loss of hearing or ear infections.

However, with Smartbud, the tiny silicone scoops away the wax, safely removing them from the ear canal. Also, Smartbud has a built-in HD camera, through which you can monitor your ear canal on your smartphone as you clean.

Smartbud Reviews
Smartbud Reviews

Does It Work

Smartbud does what it advertises. It can safely remove ear wax from your ears without pushing the wax further into your ear canal. A user wrote this on Trustpilot:

Very impressive technology!
I felt difference from the first day..I stopped using earbuds long ago after ENT advice but I didn’t have a way to clean my ears instead..this is the perfect tool!

How To Use

Smartbud has a silicone tip that is replaceable, and because of this, this ear cleaning tool is reusable. To use Smartbud:

  • Turn on the device and pair with your smartphone
  • Insert silicone tip into your ear
  • Monitor your canal in your phone
  • Gently scoop wax and remove the silicone tip from your ear canal
  • Wipe silicone tip and repeat until ear is clean


  • Reusable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Replaceable silicone tips
  • Affordable


  • Too tiny
  • Risk of puncturing ear drum


We have reviewed ear cleaning tools in the past, such as Q-grips, which promised to provide alternative, safer ear cleaning than cotton swabs, but they failed to keep that promise. However, for Smartbuds, we have seen enough positive reviews to conclude that this product works. Although the little scare is the risk of puncturing the ear drum, but if one is careful enough, that can be avoided.

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