Do you have troubles with vacuuming tight corners? Looking for a light-weight vacuum cleaner that can do the job? Read this detailed review to know if Ruvio Vacuum Cleaner is the product you need.

What Is Ruvio Vacuum

Ruvio Vacuum is a cordless and compact vacuum cleaner that is suitable for cleaning tight corners such as underneath couches, refrigerators, in-between car seats, and so on. Its handheld design, high-speed and high-powered motor, makes it suitable for light cleaning.

Ruvio Vacuum Reviews
Ruvio Vacuum Reviews

Does It Work

Ruvio Vacuum seems to work. What they advertised is feasible and we have seen similar lightweight products doing similar tasks. However, for a product that costs $29.95, we can’t trust its durability or the strength of its suction. When we looked at other handheld vacuums priced around the same amount, we saw that what most customers complained about was that these lightweight vacuum cleaners had weak suction.

How To Use

Ruvio Vacuum Cleaner works the way other vacuum cleaners work. Its suction is pointed to areas that need to be free from dirt, and its motor would suck in the dirt as you cover the area. At the end of your cleaning, there is a one-click quick release dust container that allows you to easily discard the vacuumed dirt.


  • suitable for light cleaning
  • great for removing pet hair from couch
  • cordless
  • easy to use
  • affordable


  • not suitable for heavy cleaning
  • weak suction
  • no reviews to confirm durability


Ruvio appears to be a descent vacuum cleaner, suitable for lightweight cleaning. Considering its size and price point, we do not expect its motor to be powerful enough for heavy suction, so its use may be limited to light cleaning.

If you have used Ruvio, however, and have contradictory or agreeing views, please share with us in the comment section.

By Zino

3 thoughts on “Ruvio Vacuum Reviews – Reliable Cleaner?”
  1. I tried the ruvio on bathroom carpet hair,wouldn’t suck,tried it on hardwood floors,still wouldn’t suck,tried kitty litter,nothing,maybe I got a bad motor but it’s definitely not worth over a hundred bucks,then I had to pay nearly 20 bucks to return it,very dissapointed,disappointed, I must wait to be refunded my first payment,and today I see that I could’ve got it for half that price on amazon,Amazon, it still doesn’t have a strong enough motor,this is the real world,we got dirt and we lose hair,not super light weight arts and crafts fuzzy balls.

  2. I ordered on phone with a payment plan as it was over a hundred bucks,bucks, finally got it after several fake delivery txts, I liked size but it wouldn’t even pick up hair,when ordering lady asked me if I wanted a more powerful one for more money,so they knew the one advertised wasn’t good. I tried hair on hardwood,I tried a little grit,what it did pick up ,it dropped,when I got online to find out about return,man said he’d take 10 dollars off if I’d keep it and that I’d have to pay to return which was nearly 20bucks.i also saw Amazon was selling them for more than half the price,scam,scam scam,don’t even waste your time,total scam.

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