Q-grips Reviews: Are you looking for safer ways to clean wax from your ear? Do you intend to buy Q-grips for this purpose? Read our review to know if Q-grips earwax remover is safe.

What Is Q-grips?

Q-grips is an earwax removal tool that promises to clean the ear with its soft silicone twisting tip. It is sold on www.q-grips.com. Their contact information is:

Q-grips.com Reviews
Q-grips.com Reviews

How Does Q-grips Work?

For a long time, cotton swabs were primarily used to clean the ear canal. However, doctors assert that this method is unsafe, as the cotton swab can push wax further into the ear canal and cause injuries that could lead to ear ache, hearing loss, or tinnitus. It is because of this that alternative methods such as Q-grips rose. Nonetheless, is Q-grips any safer?

Q-grips has an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to grip. Its handle is plastic, and its tip is made of high-quality soft silicone. The tip is detachable, washable and reusable, making it environmentally friendly.

How To Use

  • insert the silicone tip into ear canal
  • rotate the tool to gather wax
  • remove the Q-grips tool from ear
  • replace tip or wash it

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What We Found About Q-grips

Every now and then, a product takes the internet by storm, with its ads everywhere, promising mouthwatering features and results. Sometimes, such products with promises that are too good to be true have turned out to be scams.

In our reviews, what we always look out for is the visibility of the owner of the product and external customer reviews. This is because most fraudulent products have no visible owner, and they always write false reviews in their own stores.

Owner Information

We did not find any tangible information about the people behind this product. Products that are likely to be scam usually have anonymous owners.

Customer Reviews

On TrustPilot, where Q-grips had a rating of 1.2 out of 5 stars, a customer wrote:

“As others have said: wish I’d read the reviews before ordering. A couple of cheap bits of plastic that probably cost less than a pound to make. Sold for 30 quid!!! Their advertising is very clever but the whole thing is a scam. Plus if I want to send it back, I have to return it to an address in Idaho. Forget it. I’ve been scammed.
Suggest if you see an advertisement for this company, contact the place where they advertise to inform them that this company is operating a highly disreputable business and is in fact a scam.”


In addition, Q-grips claims to be a safer option to cotton swabs. However, doctors’ reviews about unprofessional earwax removal methods have been negative. Oliver Adunka, an ENT doctor, quoted by Laura Murphy in Consumer Reports, said, “None of the devices really work. And some of them are flat-out dangerous.”


Q-grips, like Tvidler, is an untrustworthy earwax removal tool. Health practitioners still consider it unsafe, and there are too many bad reviews about their product online. We advise that you avoid this product.

There are many untrustworthy products on the internet promising top-notch features. It is common to come across e-commerce stores offering these products at appetizing prices. But, in the end, such products usually turn out to be fake.

Most people attracted by these “too good to be true” features from these stores have bought devices of their liking but received something different from what they had ordered, and of poor quality.

It is unfair to fall victim to these fraudsters and lose the money you earned from honest work. Fact-checking should be a priority before you buy anything online. And that is why we conduct reviews such as this, to help our readers know if a product is genuine or not.

If you have used Q-grips earwax removal tool, please share your experience with us in the comment section.

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