Crypto Renegade Review: Is Crypto Renegade Bot Scam Or Legit?

Crypto Renegade Review: Safe or Scam? In this era of multiple online scams, it is advisable to make thorough investigation before plunging into any investment plan. This review of Crypto Renegade will help you know what Crypto Renegade is all about and if there are potential dangers lurking behind it.

What Is Crypto Renegade?

Crypto Renegade is supposedly an investment service that automatically invests money for you into a portfolio of cryptocurrencies. It is said automatically invest in the best cryptocurrencies on a schedule of your choosing.

crypto renegade

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Who Is Behind Crypto Renegade?

CryptoRenegade was created by Crypto girl, who presents herself as an expert of cryptocurrencies. She has other similar products for sale. She promises fast earnings through an automated process.

How Does Crypto Renegade Work?

There are not much information on how this software works. All we know is that it is a robot that will make money for you. The first step into acquiring this bot is by paying $37.41 for it. According to the information on the web page, Crypto Renegade allegedly turned $5,000 to $83,460.

Is Crypto Renegade Bot Trustworthy?

The answer is No. answerable to some questions. There are red flags that indicate that this bot is not what it claims to be. First and foremost, cryptorenegade is anonymous and illegal, it offers investment services by trading for you whereas it is unregulated.

Another reason why you should not trust crypto renegade is that it shows no trading performance. What we only have is the white washed claim of the lady in the video, which could be a lie as there are no proofs online. Their chart is probably fake.

Also, they claim that the price of the bot would increase very soon according to the countdown on their webpage, but we have been watching them, the price still remains $37.41. We believe this is just a ploy to make the public fall for their product.

crypto renegade price


We are not convinced with this Robot. We are pretty sure that Crypto Renegade won’t make you the money it advertises, Stay away from It!

Review Verdict

Crypto Renegade is NOT reliable

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