Automated Crypto System Review: Scam Or Legit Cryptocurrency trading Software?

Automated Crypto System Review- Scam or Safe? Recently, a cryptocurrency trading software entered the crypto world space. It has the name ‘Automated Crypto System‘. According to the information on the website, Automated Crypto System is based on the combination of several trading algorithms developed by a team of professionals that deliver trading signals directly to the trading software.

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What Is Automated Crypto System?

From its name ‘Automated’, ACS claims to do all the work for you. However, if you want to trade by yourself, you can choose the manual option which is also available.  The Automated Crypto System supposedly trades not only with cryptocurrencies, but also traditional Forex currency pairs. This Trading app is supposedly for free. Below are the acclaimed features of this app;

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Automated Crypto System Features:
  • Safety and Quality.
  • Sophisticated Algorithm
  • Advanced Trade Settings.
  • Popular Payments and Withdrawal methods.
  • Professional Education Center
  • Reliable Customer Support
What You Should Know About Automated Crypto System

Automated Crypto System is quite different from other crypto trading app because it comes with some unique features. First and foremost is the sensibility of this platform, it gives traders the opportunity to trade in cryptocurrency and Forex all in one platform. Another of it’s good feature is that it is mobile accessible, what this means is that you can trade or monitor your trade with your mobile phone with supposedly no hitches.

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How Does Automated Crypto System Work?

The App is supposedly free. All you have to do is create your free automated crypto system account, deposit with your broker and then adjust your settings and let the software trade. What this means is that you MUST deposit to a  broker before you are able to trade. There is no such thing as demo account for traders. From the look of things, the team behind Automated Crypto System have a contract with the brokers they refer traders to.

Should You Trust Automated Crypto System With Your Money?

Though this platform looks promising, there are red flags which indicates that this might be a shady or dangerous software. First of which is, you will be FORCED to trade with real money, and if the trade goes the wrong way, your money disappears down the drain too.

Another reason why we can’t fully recommend this product to you is that it is not licensed. When a software is supposed to trade on your behalf and make you money, it is a service that is considered as investment advice in most countries and it has to have a licence from national regulators in every country it is targeting. Automated Crypto System lacks  License so that makes it illegal in most countries.


We are not convinced with Automated Crypto System. It doesn’t give traders the opportunity to test how it works on a demo account. This is quite risky and suspicious.

Review Verdict

Automated Crypto Software is NOT Reliable

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