Are you thinking of using FxMAC to enhance your trading experience? If that is the choice you are about to make, we need you to consider pausing for a minute. Read this review to find out if using this forex robot is worth the shut or another sham product.   

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About FxMAC Broker

Forex managed account or FxMAC is a forex robot that claims to give traders advantage in the financial market through it expert strategies. It claims to be in business to manage the trading account of traders, so they can beat the unpredictable market with its expert tools. The location of FxMAC is in Saint Vincent and Grenadines. Its commercial office is in Kemp House, London.  

Location of FxMAC commercial office

Since 2012, FxMAC claims to have reached the goal of giving to retail and institutional investors to connect to a wider market. This we don’t know the viability of the claim.

FxMAC Minimum Deposit

The minimum deposit of FxMAC ranges from the 4 different programs offer. Program 1 is offered for $3,000, Program 2 is $5000, Program 3 is $10,000 and Bespoke Program offered at $15,000. Reasons to Avoid This EA

FxMAC is a forex robot that fails to pay attention to details. The sale page of this forex robot shows how under-performed it will be like if traders risk using it for their trading.

There are different programs offer by FxMAC for traders, but they all lack the specific strategies on how the forex robot intend taking advantage of the market.

 On the website, it claims to have gotten the expertise and fund manager’s experience traders need to win the market. But there is a limited data for FxMAC to prove it.

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FxMAC Trading Strategy

FxMAC trading strategy are the candle stick patterns, intra-day and low risk trend-following. Even though these are mentioned in the website, there are no much details on the strategies. They are vague strategies that will put traders in confusion.

FxMAC Trading Result

First FxMAC claims to be transparent in its trading result. But here is what we find out about The back-testing result seems to be vague which is because they are not ready to provide the public times they struggle to predict the trend and their best period.

FxMAC third party verification site that shows the trading result was last updated in July 1, 2021. Apart from that, there is no date indicating the activation period.

FxMAC trading result

Conclusion: Is a Legit Forex Robot?

FxMAC is not a legit forex robot traders should use in enhancing their trading experience even though it is stated in the website A forex robot that provides limited data on vital information traders should know must not be trusted with traders’ money.

Forex robot like does not meet the standard as its live results are inadequate and it offers no cash-back. Since it offers no free account, FxMAC should guarantee traders’ money.

As we mention in the review about this forex robot, we will not recommend it for any intended traders. So, staying clear from this forex EA will be the best choice for you.

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