Are you battling with flying insects in your environment? Can Buzzbug fight and kill mosquitoes, moths, and other indoor and outdoor bugs? Read this Buzzbug Mosquito Zapper reviews to know if it works.

What Is Buzzbug Insect Killer

Buzzbug zapper is a lantern with a range of UV lights. The lantern is supposed to be convenient for both indoor and outdoor use, and it should be ideal for camping activities. The highly accurate UV light is very attractive for insects, and once it lures them in, it kills them without making a sound or emitting a pungent smell.

How It Works

The lantern runs on solar energy and can be charged fully using its embedded solar panels. After charging, it is simply brought out into the open or whatever room space that needs to be flushed of insects. The pinpointed UV light will then attract the insects and keep the space insect-free in a few minutes.

Buzzbug Reviews
Buzzbug Reviews

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Does Buzzbug Truly Attracts And Kills Bugs?

To be honest, this insect killer is more useful as a lantern than it is as an insect killer. I used it for hours and neither did it attract any insect nor did it kill any bugs. After hours of use, I still saw insects flying around and none lay dead beside the lantern. Afterwards, I did search for reviews from other customers online but found nothing of worth.

All positive reviews I found were only on Buzzbug’s website, and I can’t trust those because it is possible that the people behind the product wrote them.


Buzzbug claims to attract and kill flying bugs such as mosquitoes, moths, and house flies, but that wasn’t the case when I used it. Therefore, I cannot advise anyone to buy this product.

If you’ve used Buzzbug, please share your experience with us in the comment section.

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