Review: Why You Should Not Sign Up with Them

Aobmoney promises a passive but lucrative stream of income. The rewarding feels and ease of making money offered by aob money has made people begin to ask questions like: Is scam or is legit? Because we are concerned about the financial safety of our readers, we made extensive research and did a review on Please read our review before you decide if you should sign up with these people.

What Is

There are many fraudulent schemes online promising quick ways to make easy money. Is one of those fraudulent schemes? Aobmoney, located on, claims to offer users an easy way to work and earn money from home. There are two ways to which customers are promised monetary reward:

  1. View commercial ads daily, as many as possible, because the more you view the more you earn.
  2. Invite friends through referral method to sign up to, so they, too, can view ads to get paid.
Aobmoney Home image
Aobmoney Home

How It Works promises 10 cents credit for an ad unit display viewed by their registered users, promising up to $50-$300 cash out on a weekly basis. The money accrued viewing ads can be allegedly withdrawn by the user when it gets to a certain amount. This money is promised to be credited to the user’s bank account within an hour of request. Users are prompted to share referral links on their social media handles and convince their friends into signing up to aobmoney.

Reasons Why Is Fake

  • On the homepage of, there is a fake table displaying top earners and their status: paid out. It also displays their earnings made from viewing ads and that made from referrals. But this is fake and is aimed to lure skeptical users into believing that aobmoney is legit.
  • Users who completed their tasks and reached the level to get paid where prompted into paying for more referrals, which will supposedly give them more money in their account. But when this payment was made, the users were kicked off the platform and the money they paid was lost.
  • The About Us page on leads to the FAQs page, which is very unprofessional.
  • There is no information about the platform or people behind it.
  • No country name was found in technical data of the website.

Verdict! is scam like fpamoney, jubmoney, cwimoney, telmoney, and zutmoney. It is handled by scammers who earn money off advertising clicks made by users who were promised to get paid. If you sign up with them, they will use you to make money for themselves then kick you out.

There are many fraudulent schemes promising quick ways to make easy money on the internet. It is tempting to want to make passive income giving little or no effort, but make sure you fact check before registering. These fraudsters could also be collecting your data which they could sell for their own benefit, or use for identity theft. Protect yourself from scammers.

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