If you have been looking for reviews on Geemor Bra, read this detailed review to know why Geemor Bra is not legit.

What Is Geemor Bra

Geemor Bra is an adjustable multifunctional bra that promises comfort. A pair costs $39, and there is a ‘pay 1 get 3’ sales deal. The bra has no steel ring and uses an elastic band to keep the bust in shape.

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How It Works

Geemor Bra has a three-dimensional cushion that massages the upper body and promotes blood circulation, thereby helping the wearer to relieve fatigue. The bra has 4-level adjustable buckle and can fit a wide range of body sizes. These design choices are to make the wearer as comfortable as possible.

Its comfy design, however, is not only for comfort. It was also built for posture correction, so that it straightens the back of the wearer, keeping their shoulders upright. In addition, it carries a wireless under-butt band that allows comfort and free movement.

Geemor Bra, with its multifunctional design, promises the following:

  • solve pain and discomfort caused by steel ring
  • improve, shape, and support a perfect chest shape
  • keep your back straight but allows free movement
  • soft, adjustable straps reduce bust weight to relieve shoulder stress


  • material: 88% cotton, 12% spandex
  • color: black, beige, white
  • machine washable: yes

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Is Geemor Bra Legit?

For this, we searched for reviews outside Geemor’s website. There were no positive reviews confirming the authenticity of this product.

Also, the images and write ups in their website have been used elsewhere. When we searched for similar products on the internet, we found a lot of fraudulent bra products with the exact promises, specifications, and images used on Geemor Bra’s website.


We do not trust Geemor Bra. Outside their website, there was nothing to confirm that the product is genuine. We advice that you stay away from this product as it is likely a scam bra product like Semibras.

If you have used this product or attempted to do so, please share your experience with us in the comment section.

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