Forex Cyborg EA Review: For traders (both novice and experts) looking for a long term hands free investment with great returns and minimal risk, Forex cyborg is certainly one of the best options. After going through this review, you will see reasons why you should go for forex cyborg or not.

Forex Cyborg Robot

What is Forex Cyborg all about?

Forex cyborg is an MT4 Expert Advisor officially recommended by FXPIG. It is a highly profitable and professional fully automated forex trading robot. It does not require any minimum leverage and all account types are allowed, with no broker restriction. What this means is that you can use any broker of your choice. Its trading hours are from 18:30 to 23:30 GMT depending on the currency pair.

How does Forex Cyborg Robot work?

Neural network and deep learning has been incorporated in forex cyborg including a long term and complex trading algorithm, this makes forexcyborg able to provide a win rate of 77% and higher. It also uses built-in sensible money management which helps to prevent all your gains from being wiped out when there is a loss. Risks are also managed by its currency correlation risk manager. You are also guaranteed 30 days money back if you do not want to keep forex cyborg activated. So, you can see that your investments are safe.

To start making huge profits with forex cyborg, you just follow these simple procedures:

Forex Cyborg Robot process

Download forex cyborg from the download link you see as soon as you make the purchase, install on meta trader 4 by simply following the instructions to setup forex cyborg EA on your meta trader 4 trading platform then sit back and enjoy the frequent and profitable trading of forex cyborg robot.

Is the service rendered for free?

Owing to its complex nature and profitability, there are the price tags: Basic: €299.99, Standard: €399.99, Gold: €499.99 Premium: €599.99. The prices differ by number of currency pairs you can trade and licenses.

forex cyborg robot price

What are the benefits of using forex cyborg?

  • The developers provides 24/7 full support.
  • No user input required. it is fully automated.
  • Higher profitability.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.
  • You are free to use any broker of your choice.


Using forex cyborg, you are assured of a very positive outcome. It remains true to its word unlike these scams we see everyday. This is the reason why we encourage you to go for it.



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