BinaryOptionClub Review: Is this trading club legit or scam? This software is a pure scam that only appears in a different style so that people will think it is actually a sincere way of making money but do not let them deceive you with such story that seems good to be true. Read on and find out more interesting facts exposing this scam.

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Founder of Binary Option Club

The alleged founder of this scam goes by the name Paul Shafer with the club comprising of several members whose identity were not revealed. He is just an actor concealing the true identity of the real people behind this scam of a software. So why then should we believe anything he says or offers?

Their strategy

Unlike other scams in the binary options trading industry, this one comes in a different pattern. Its promises are fair enough, sincerely speaking, this is nothing but a brilliant scam. It does not make use of an automated software instead you copy trades from their so called trading experts and by so doing you win as these experts win. this they claim will help you learn how to trade successfully too. these experts are six in number and their names are,Jason Benneke, Sarah McCullough, Michael Jessop, Benny Carlyle, Chase Drexler, and Alexa Montreau. They went ahead deceiving traders with fake live trade session of this non existing trade experts and fake profiles of them. But an interesting thing we found about them is that none of this so called professional traders exist, not even in famous magazines or search engines. There is no prove whatsoever as to their existence. The trades are fabricated and non-existent, just a hand work of image editing.

binaryoptionclub scam

How does Binary options club work?

The video and even their website never explains how it work to achieve trade success for the users. The only information given is that once you get the software which is for free, you  copy any of the professional trader of your choice and you will be referred to a broker which we have found to be an unlicensed broker. Then in order to start trading, you have to deposit $250 to this brokers account, but as soon as the deposit is made, it goes to the pockets of the brokers and scammers and the trader is left frustrated and devastated because the system never works and the signals are fake. Only deposit your money to trade with, in tested and trusted systems.

Review Verdict

Binary Option Club is a SCAM

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If you do not want to lose your money avoid trading with Binary Option Club software .It offers you nothing but bag of lies painted to look true. Beware!! Its a brilliantly made scam, making it more dangerous.


Trading binary options could be very profitable, only if you use legitimate softwares and tools. Run away from scams, they will lose your investments and leave you devastated. Only use systems recommended by our team of professionals.

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Thanks for reading our review of BinaryOptionClub system. Stay safe! Fight scammers!

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