ToolsTrades Review: With the lots of scam signal services in the industry and complaints from disgruntled traders we decided to do a Tools Trades Scam Review. is a signals service provider that send trade signals to its clients through SMS and mail. Are they scam or legit? Continue reading our review to find out.

tools trades review

Most times manual day traders rely on the services of signal providers to give them market quotes, the right strike time to enter and exit the market. A good signal service should have a high win-rate and good track records. Some services are offered for free while some are paid for. Free does not mean weak or low standard because the signal providers would get their compensations through commissions from the brokers they refer to you, Neither does paid signals connote quality service. Therefore, the most important thing remains, getting the right signal provider whether paid or free.

Tools Trades provides their services for free, and get there affiliate commission from the brokers they refer to you. Now the big question is. Are you going to profit from those trade signals they send you? Are the brokers legitimate or just a scam?

Disturbing Things Found about Tools Trades(

We found the following disturbing things about the Signals Binary:

Unregulated Brokers

Most of the brokers ToolsTrades works with are NOT Licensed, that means they are not under any regulatory body that monitors their activities to ensure they stick to best practices. One of the major problem is withdrawal issues, You won’t be able to withdraw your money from these brokers. You can check out traders complaints of been scammed by one of the brokers Tools Trades work with in our DaxMarkets Review

Unverified results

The results they paste on their website  cannot be verified. One of the scam tactics we have  seen with some scam signals services we review, is faking of performance. Some of these services put up fake fabricated results on their websites to deceive unsuspecting traders. So its very pertinent to ask yourself if those results you are seeing are verifiable.

Review Verdict

Tools Trades is NOT reliable

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Strategy: Scalping

Time Frame: M1, M5, M15 and M30

Currency Pairs: All Pairs

License fee: $147

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Strategy: Stop and Reverse

Time Frame: All time frames

Currency Pairs: EUR/USD, EUR/GBP and USD/CHF

License fee: $149

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Strategy: Scalping

Time Frame: M1, M5, M15

Currency Pairs: All Pairs

License fee: $147

30 Day Money-back Guarantee

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The Tools Trades trading signals is not a reliable service, one of the reasons for this is that most of their brokers are unregulated and outright scams. Feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments section, if you have used their service.

Trading the financial market could be very profitable, only if you use legitimate softwares and tools. Run away from scams, they will lose your investments and leave you devastated. Only use systems recommended by our team of professionals. 

Thanks for reading our review of Tools Trade signals service. Stay safe! Fight scammers

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2 thoughts on “Tools Trades Review 2022: is Scam or Legit Signals Provider?”
  1. 13-12-2021

    Tools Trades does not exist at the given address. Check it out on Google Maps. They are SCAM /Criminal outfit which needs to be taken down by Cyber Crime and Law Enforcement Authorities. They recommend and work with fraudulent brokers!

  2. This Article is Fake! and not correct!. 1. You can contact 24/7 on [email protected]

    it is since 2012 – you can check the reference in the application when the app was created and uploaded. You do not need to be a company by only registering a domain. It’s only 15yo could write such an article!

    2. The results are very much real showing also Losses when it happens, no one promises wins, The Signals System works as a Friend, and not blind copy paste.

    BE advise there are 65% and higher success rate quarterly. In Commodity it reaches 75% and higher

    3. The only broker that are recommended are – by the country and with :

    CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) which is based in Cyprus.

    Australian Securities and Exchange Commission (ASIC),

    Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI),

    US Securities and Exchange Commission,

    Financial Services Authority (FSA) UK

    Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) France. Regulatiom, FCA

    4. No location, this is a free service , Due to COVID – offices are now around the world, the server is in UK and people working from home as support world wide covering 24 hours of service

    5. This comment was print screened and recorded on VIDEO while it was published, if the comment will be deleted or not published, it will be published every where that is a SCAM website

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