The so called  Binary Money Manager system app claimed to be owned by  Jim Wallace is nothing but a huge scam that traders especially new ones should beware of as it has been developed as a strategy for ripping traders of their hard earned money by granting them deceptive offers.

binary money manager scam

Here are some interesting evidence based on the researches we carried out on the reliability of this scam called binary options manager

The supposed owner

The man claimed to own this fraudent software who goes by the name ” Jim Wallace”,he is not a binary option trader but just an actor disguising himself with the aim of decieving people into believing that their money is in safe hands. He was paid for carry out this fictitous act. He is an actor hired from and that name was just made up.

How does Binary Money Manager operate?

it offers $1,005 daily as they claim to copy traders to experts with no cost attached. all you just need to do is register with your name and email adreess then sit back at home and money starts flying into your account. this happens to be a big lie as there are no evidence whatsoever as to the true identity of their so called experts. they also hook traders up by promising them bonuses as soon as money is being deposited. this, they never fulfil. what they do is make the requirement too difficult to achieve and at this point traders become trapped

100% money back

The strategy they termed 100% money back is a big deceit. they feed intending investors with the idea that in any deal they undertake they would always win and if there happens to be a case of failure, their entire money will be refunded by their broker known as ecllipse finance and they will be given an extra $350 as compensation. this sounds good enough but come to think of it, where in the would can you find a broker who will actually pay back the complete amount not to talk of adding extra to it. This is a sure scam and this claims have been put in place to trap you.

Is binary money manager regulated?

it has been discovered that the Binary Money Manager software does not have any license to give any financial advice but they go about using unregulated brokers claiming they are experts


The above review was carried out was borne of the need to put an end to the increasing rate of fraudulent strategies springing up on a regular basis. Millions of money has been lost through this scheme, therefore traders should stay clear from it so as not to be victim.

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