is a broker that has a penchant for using celebrities to push their brand. It claims to be located in the UK and at the same time has parts of their site in the Russian language.

If this picks your interest, the review below has more on We review, exploring different aspects and fact-checking claims made by the trading platform. In the end we answer the question is a scam or a legit trading platform.

Amelok Trading Platform

Amelok has its parent company listed as Global Limited Group Holding. The domain register listed the site’s creation date as 22nd July 2005, meaning that the group has been in the industry for at least 15years.

Amelok offers many assets on its platform which we have come to expect from the everyday broker. These assets include CFDs, Energy, Futures, and Precious metals. This broker has three different account types with leverage up to 1:10. The broker also offers four different types of crypto coins on their platform, these include Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, and Ripple.

Screenshot of Amelok Awards has a list of awards that the platform has won. Among such awards is Best Forex Provider 2015 awarded to them by the Investors Chronicle & Financial times and another one by Online Personal Wealth Awards. The groups behind the award are legitimate but after a comprehensive search of their catalog, we didn’t find Amelok or its parent company to be recipients of these awards. In other words, Amelok is using legitimate awards that they neither won nor received to push their image as a legitimate one.

Amelok Account Types

Amelok offers four account types which include elementary, standart, and VIP.

Screenshot of Amelok Account Types

The minimum deposit for the elementary account is $500. This is interesting because the industry set a $250 as the standard minimum deposit. This another fact that leads one to doubt the legitimacy of this broker.

With their Standart and VIP account, you get benefits such as a personal manager and a deposit interest rate.

Amelok Withdrawal and Deposit Methods

The Deposit method includes Western Union, Wire Transfer Vis, Bitcoin, Maestro, MasterCard, and some Russian outlets.

By reports and reviews, depositing into their accounts take less than five minutes but no one seems to be able to withdraw from the platform

Is Amelok Licensed?

On investigating their claims to be licensed broker, we checked the respective regulator body (the Finical Conduct Authority, in the UK) that has jurisdiction over the stated address on the Amelok site. We also checked the Financial Market Relations Regulation Center in Russia, but we haven’t found Amelok to be a registered company under any of the regulatory bodies. or its parent company (Global Limited Group Holding) isn’t a licensed company. If they were a genuine broker, they would have posted their reference number and any other license credentials that they might have instead of giving vague details.


None of the celebrities were aware of their image being used for marketing purposes. This fact, coupled with the fact that they are supposedly based in London but the using Russian language on part of their pages leads us to suspect that they are not legitimate.

Screenshot of Amelok using Lewis Hamilton image without permission

The fact that cement this suspicion is them not being registered after claiming that they are. In fact-checking this broker, we found that many of its claims it made were either or false or unverifiable. We don’t advise you to invest with this broker, any attempts to do so we certainly lead to loss of your funds.

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