People have been uploading emails sent from a certain Dr. Eliz Henning where they were informed of being awarded money. Everyone who received this mail has been asking if the 2020 Microsoft Lottery Award is scam. Because we are concerned about the financial safety of our readers, we did an extensive research and made a review on 2020 Microsoft Award Lottery. Please read our review before you decide if you should agree to their email message.

What Is 2020 Microsoft Award Lottery Donation

Scammers have been disguising as staff members of Microsoft and sending emails to potential victims. In this email they claim to be awarding a whooping sum of $2 million to randomly selected winners.

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How 2020 Microsoft Award Lottery Donation Works

The scammers, in their emails, claim to be giving out $2 million to randomly selected people as bait to lure them into the scheme. The recipients of the mail were asked to forward the winning number assigned to them to another email which is so unrelated to Microsoft. When they fall for the trick, they are asked for their personal information which is supposedly to be used for their identity verification.

Why We Believe The 2020 Microsoft Award Lottery Is Fake

This sort of scam has been pulled in the past. After collecting personal information of the potential victims, they are asked to send a little money to cover processing costs. But when the money is sent, the extortion continues until the victims realise themselves. And it will be too late by then to recover money lost. We made a deep research and found out that Microsoft was not offering any free money through lottery. No legit lottery system asks winners to send them money for processing or anything else.


2020 Microsoft Award Lottery is scam, delete and ignore their email if you get it. It is handled by scammers who bank on the vulnerability of people who thought they’ve been given free money to extort them. Protect yourself from scammers. It is unfair to fall victim to these scammers and lose the money you earned from honest work. Fact checking should be a priority before you believe anything from a strange email.

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