Looking for Voltex Power Saver Reviews? Read this to know why Voltex Energy Saver is fraudulent!

What Is Voltex Energy Saver?

Voltex is an energy saving device that claims to reduce household energy consumption by stabilizing electricity current. In addition, it promises to protect appliances from damage through power surges and outages.

Voltex claims to provide your home with a smooth and stable power. They offer to filter dirty electricity from your home and save you up to 90% of your light bill. This, however, is a lie.

Does Voltex Work?

Voltex energy saver is offered at a very cheap rate, at a discount of up to 50%, making it enticing to prospective buyers. A single device goes for $59, which has been cut down from its alleged original $118 price tag.
It offers to do the following:

  • quickly and easily stabilize your home’s electrical current
  • reduce harmful dirty electricity from your home
  • protect and prolong the life of your appliances and electronics

According to their claim, Voltex energy saver, by correcting the poor power factor of consumers, would reduce consumers’ electricity bill. This would appeal to any person looking to save on electricity bill. But little would they know that the product doesn’t do any of the aforementioned promises.

On Reduction Revolution, an energy efficiency blog, they wrote:

“Residential electricity customers, and most small businesses, do not pay for poor power factor. So, even IF these devices correct power factor, they will not change your electricity bill. Power factor correction will reduce your apparent power consumption. It does not affect real power (what you are billed for).”

Reduction Revolution

You can also see what users are saying about Voltex on Trustpilot.

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Voltex, like Voltbox and Voltizer, is a fake energy saver gadget, and, therefore, not recommended for use.

There are many fraudulent energy saving gadgets on the internet; however, most of them are scams. Do not fall for their fake promises!

If you’ve used this energy saver, or attempted to do so, kindly share your experience with us in the comment section.

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