Is Tip Toe Hippo reliable for your trading account? Should you buy this system for a better trading experience? Read this review to find out if this forex robot is worth your money or not.  

About Tip Toe Hippo

Tip Toe Hippo is a forex robot product available on developer’s website. The broker provides us with no information about the developer nor his trading experience.

The broker offers different monthly subscriptions and also encourage longer subscriptions.

Tip Toe Hippo claims to give advantage in the financial market with its expert strategies. However, the system provides little information about the features of the forex robot.

Tip Toe Hippo: Reasons to Avoid This EA

Tip Toe Hippo is a forex robot that fails to pay attention to details. The sale pitch of this EA shows some transparency issues of the product.

The system has no cash back for the product. There is no guarantee that your money will be refunded if the product does not work as it is claimed to be.

There are no customer reviews on the vendor’s website nor third party websites. It means the broker is either unreliable or not trustworthy.

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Strategy: Scalping

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License fee: $147

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Tip Toe Hippo Trading Strategy

Tip Toe Hippo fails to mention the trading strategy it uses on trades. The broker leaves us with a poor web page that does not provide forex traders the trust to believe the viability of the EA.

As for the time frame, there is no information on that for traders.

Tip Toe Hippo Trading Results

The back test results are provided on the developer’s website. Here, the broker claims 12 independently correlated systems to minimize downside and maximize profit and a 9 year historical test using true tick data. It also presents maximum historical drawdown of 15%.

According to the Real USD account on Global Prime, the account is dated May 09, 2021. The developer deposited $27660  with an average monthly gain of 6.08% and drawdown of 5.87%.

Conclusion: Is Tip Toe Hippo a Reliable Forex robot?

Tip Toe Hippo does not seem like a reliable forex robot for traders even though it promises offers that look good to be true.

The lack of details on important insights is a turn off. Forex robot like this one should provide enough information for traders to have some level of trust.

Not guaranteeing forex traders a refund for their money if the system does not prove trustworthy as it claims is a con.

It is our duty to review forex robot and also share reasons. For now, we do not recommend this system for trading.

Kindly share your comment about this broker in the comment section.

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