The Bitcoin Trader App is a software that supposedly trades bitcoin. The Bitcoin Trader Software does this on autopilot with no much work on your part and it claims it has raked in lots of money for its users, a minimum of $13,000 each day in profit. Talk is cheap. In this review of the BitcoinTrader, we show you reasons why its not what it claims.

Official website:

BitCoin Trader

owner of bitcoin trader

It is very obvious that this system has an anonymous owner because we could not get any information that links us to the owner in their website or sales video. So we are dealing with a software with an unknown owner and this is certainly risky.

Disturbing Things About The Bitcoin Trader Software

In reality the Bitcoin Trader App has nothing to do with cryptocurrencies. Its just a binary options automated trading software. They also claim that their software has a win rate of 99.4%. This is incredible! The truth remains that a win-rate as high as this is not achievable with a software, not even professional traders can attain such as a result of the volatility of the market.

Another problem here is that the testimonials given by the so called members mentioning huge amount of money as profit made by using bitcoin trader are not true. They are just stock photos with fictitious stories attached.

One thing is certain, these scammers are affiliated with unregulated brokers and they receive. As soon as you make the minimum deposit of $250 or higher to the brokers account, they share the money amongst themselves, with the software placing losing trades leaving you devastated. Numerous such scams exist and you should avoid them

Review Verdict

The Bitcoin Trader is Unreliable

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We don’t recommend the Bitcoin Trader. There are lots of shady things found in this system and we advise you to steer clear.

Trading the financial market could be very profitable, only if you use legitimate softwares and tools. Run away from scams, they will lose your investments and leave you devastated. Only use systems recommended by our team of professionals. 

Thanks for reading our review of The Bitcoin Trader. Stay safe! Fight scammers

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