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What Is Nicobloc?

Nicobloc is a fluid applied on the filter of cigarettes. It traps the tar and nicotine in the cigarettes, thereby reducing the harmful effect of smoking. It was formerly called Accu Drop, and the fluid was inspired by a project from the late William Rosen.

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How Does Nicobloc Work?

Nicotine causes smoking addiction. When an addicted smoker tries to quit, that desire for nicotine is what keeps them craving for a stick. If they hold out for too long, withdrawal symptoms such as headache, dizziness, constipation, etc. begin to set in. What Nicobloc does is ease this process of quitting.

Nicobloc is a viscous fluid. When applied, it can stay active on the filter of the cigarette for about 15 minutes. However, after that length of time, it loses its effect and can even make smoking the cigarette impossible.

One drop of the fluid traps about 33% of nicotine and tar in the cigarette, while two drops trap 66%, and three drops 99%. One can start with using one drop of the fluid, then gradually increase to three, which will then lead them to successfully quitting smoking. In essence, when smokers have grown to using three drops of Nicobloc, smokers can wean themselves off smoking.

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What We Found About Nicobloc

On Nicobloc’s website, we found a lot of positive testimonials. Also, their partnership with Dr. Gregory Jantz, who runs a center where he uses Nicobloc to help people quit smoking, appears legit.

On Amazon, we found a number of positive reviews from former smokers who confirmed that Nicobloc did help them quit smoking.

A customer shared their quitting story:

This product works. Just make sure to use it on every cigarette. One drop the first week, two drops the second week, then three drops the third week. … The cigarettes taste the same but you don’t get the rush like before. It basically slowly takes away the reward you used to get from them. Every few days you start to notice that it’s been awhile since your last cigarette and you think that you should have one. The time gaps grow longer.

– Nick dellaera


Breaking free from addiction is not an easy process, and smoking is quite difficult to quit cold turkey. Products such as Nicobloc ease the transition process.

If you’ve used this product and it worked for you, we would love to learn about your experience in the comment section.

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