According to the information in their homepage, News Scope EA Pro is a result oriented and potentially highly profitable strategy for high impact trading.

News scope EA Pro is a new automated trading robot developed for traders who prefer to trade during high impact news. Which means that it has been designed to trade during high impact news.

When a major news events takes place, the price spikes in one or both directions and this creates the opportunity for short term scalping where their system can pick up anywere from 20 to 100 pips over the span of a few seconds.

Broker have improved removing these negative factors like “execution delay, spread increase, and spillage”. Therefore, it gives an opportunity for profitable trading.

The robot is developed by the FXAutomater team, a group that’s been serving the Forex market for many years. During our research we did not see any information that regards about their location, or their identities.

How Does News Scope EA Pro Work?

The News Scope EA Pro with a load of different features that it has, the FXAutomater team feels it makes it stand out from their competitors. These features include, a 17 years back testing, multiple currency pair support, low drawdowns, high spread detection, news detection filters and trailing stop.

The robot also comes with semi-automated and fully automated modes to aid the client more control over the system.The strategy comes with built in money management, a more improved news filter, trailing stop, and a push notification feature to inform you on your cell phone when trades are active.

Like many scalpers it was created to work on the MI time frame, and it comes with SET files optimized for 5 different pairs.

What Is The Pricing Structure For News Scope EA Pro?

News Scope EA Pro sells for $100 with $50 OFF. The packages includes one real account, three demo accounts, the best support and a 60-day money back guarantee, so you would be able to check the robots performance and real numbers of draw downs safety.

The pricing structure goes for

  • Type : Forex Robot
  • Price : $117/license
  • Strategy : Scalper
  • Time frame : MI

Client feedback

As an important part of our review,we consider what people who made use of a productor service are saying about it. We always prefare this on third party websites rather than on the official page of self service. This is because sometimes,what we find could have been manipulating.

We have not come accross any client feedback on News Scope EA Pro from any other website.


To order to get in touch with support, traders can fill out a contact form on the website


The News scope EA Pro presentation seems very outstanding and clean.Firstly it was designed by the FXAutomater, they also provide complete set files for each pair that they offer, and explains the parameters in the robot. We recommended that the robot is GOOD one to try.


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