Lucky Bitcoin Review: Scam or paying? claims it can double your bitcoin in one hour, how true is this?  This review of LuckyBitcoin will give you the information you need about investing on the platform and also save you from making the wrong decision.

Who is Lucky Bitcoin?

 Luckybitcoin claims they are a small group of professionals who have developed a trading bot which stores trading volumes and uses different strategies to engage in arbitrage trading between various exchanges. According to them, they don’t provide access to their tools but the benefits of it by investing. 


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What You Should Know About Lucky Bitcoin.

They claim Lucky Bitcoin is owned and operated by a company ‘INTRRI LIMITED’ but from our investigations,  the company is no longer existing. It was established in 2014 and after some time it was dissolved. It is disturbing that Lucky Bitcoin claims their website’s activities are overseen by Inttri Limited. This is the first red flag. 

Should You Trust Lucky Bitcoin With Your Money?

The answer is NO. We are not convinced with this platform. First and foremost,  they are an anonymous lot. This is not how the investment market runs. You need to be certain of those you would be giving your bitcoin to, and not just any random wash wash site. Another reason why you should not think of investing in Lucky Bitcoin is that their offer is quite fake. No real business can make you such profit within an hour. 

How Does Work

From the details on the website, we know Lucky Bitcoin is another disguised scam. The testimonials tab is full of fake testimonials and endorsements. There are no proof of payouts on the website. What this means is that Lucky Bitcoin will take and take from unsuspecting investors but would never complete the end of their bargain. 


We are convinced beyond doubt that is not a place for you to invest your money. Stay away from Lucky Bitcoin! It is a SCAM!!

Our Recommendation

You can invest in cryptocurrencies like bitcoins, ethereum e.t.c and make profits. Lots of investors are keying into this huge promising opportunity which is the rave of the moment.

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