Bitrush Review: Scam or paying? claims it can make you huge profits, how true is this?  This review of Bitrush will give you the information you need about investing on the platform and also save you from making the wrong decision.

Who is Bitrush?

 Bitrush claims they are a small group of cryptocurrency trading experts involved in the business of mining. They are allegedly located at Cardiff, CF14 8LH and could be reached via phonecall or the mail provided below their webpage.

What You Should Know About Bitrush.

They allegedly offer a daily profit of 5.1% of your deposit size. They accept the following cryptocurrencies- Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and DASH..

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The minimum deposit amount for each currency is:

US Dollar via PerfectMoney – $5.00000000;

US Dollar via Payeer – $5.00000000;

Bitcoin – 0.00500000 BTC;

Ethereum – 0.05000000 ETH;

Litecoin – 0.05000000 LTC;

Dash – 0.05000000 DASH.

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According to the information on their webpage, the more you invest, the faster you get paid.

Should You Trust Bitrush With Your Money?

The answer is NO. We are not convinced with this platform. First and foremost,  they are an anonymous lot. This is not how the investment market runs. You need to be certain of those you would be giving your bitcoin to, and not just any random wash wash site. Another reason why you should not think of investing in Bitrush is that their offer is quite fake. No real business can make you such profit daily.

How Does Bitrush Work

From the details on the website, we know  is another HYIP. HYIP’s are ponzi schemes. What those behind Bitrush do is collect money from one customer and pay another customer. They are not into any real business. Even though they claim to be a registered company, it is no news that you need only $5 to get your company registered in the UK. It does not guarantee that they are legit . The truth about this Ponzi scheme is that it will only last for just a couple of days or weeks, when there are not much investors depositing, they tend to cart away peoples funds.


We are convinced beyond doubt that is not a place for you to invest your money. Stay away from Bitrush! It is a SCAM!!

Our Recommendation

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Ron Padmore
3 years ago

2 years ago they were known as BTCrush, same layouts and same Faq’s, maybe one of you will remember it ?? At the time i thought it was legit and invested a large ammount of Litecoin, 6 months later the site was gone !! nowhere to find on internet, and no response from admin. Strange he !!

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