FX Master Bot Review: FXMasterBot is an automated trading software that has been specially designed by professionals in  forex trading  with rich years of experience. Is it Scam? Can the FX MasterBot software help you maximise the opportunities that abound in forex and binary trading? Learn more.

Website: https://fxmasterbot.com

FX Master bot

Features and Settings of the FX MasterBot Software

Th FXMasterBot has some amazing features and settings that could help enhance trading. You could customize them to suit your trading style. FX Master Bot settingsThe h

Expiry Times: Here you could select the signal time frame for the software to execute trades. There are two available; the Short Term and Long Term. For short term, the signal service is short termed, profits could be quicker but the disadvantage is that the volatility is higher with this option unlike the Long Term.

StrengthThis area deals with risks available. The slider could be moved across the colour ranges. The green signifies the lower risk while the red signify the highest risk. For lower risk, few trades are placed by the software and the profit margin is lower unlike the higher risk that places more trades with higher profit margin. We advice you start up with the low risk trading and adjust to walk you way up when needed.

Reverse Trading: This feature is an amazing add-on to this software, it gives you full control in that if you see that the software is taking trades in the wrong direction with losses, you could turn this feature on to reverse the trade direction so in the end you make profits.

Other Trade Settings: The other settings are Daily Stop loss, Maximum Daily Trades, Daily Take Profits and Maximum Concurrent Trades

NB; For starters we recommend you use the default settings of the FXMaster Bot. The FX Master Bot demo is also a feature that could help you understand how the features work. see here

Benefits of the FX Master Bot Trading Software

  • The FX Master Bot is linked with regulated brokers that are licensed. We always advice you go for licensed brokers. This makes the FXMaster Bot a good option because it is linked with licensed brokers.
  • Strong Support: The FX MasterBot offers amazing support to their clients, they respond quickly to mails and are ever ready to assist.
  • Easily Customizable Software: The FXMasterBot platform is fully customizable. You could set this  software to your desired portfolio, this gives you full control.
  • Web-based platform: The software is fully web based, that simply means no download is required and its easily accessible with any device that has connection to the internet.
  • Monthly Cash prizes: The more you trade you can gather points to be on the leaderboard. By this you not only make money from your trades but additionally through cash prizes for being on the leaderboard.

Official Website: https://fxmasterbot.com


In our FX Master Bot scam check, we found that this software is highly professional and a very useful tool for traders looking for a system that works which is highly profitable.

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