FoxSignals Review: is Fox Binary Signals Reliable or a Scam?

Fox Signals Review: If you have been searching for a top binary signals service provider that is reliable. Then look no further as we review the FoxSignals. The Fox Binary Signals(FoxSignals), is one of the best binary signals provider that offers signals to its subscribers with amazing profitability and win-rate. You could manually trade the signals which they send you, or you could autotrade it, their platform supports for this.

fox binary signals

Types of binary signals offered


They introduced the Pre-Alerts to announce the possibility of imminent signal, high or medium probability. The Pre-Alerts are sent, whenever it is possible, at most one minute before the signal with the currency pair and direction, PREALERT: USDJPY PUT. We always place orders at the start of a new 5 minutes candlestick, therefore, the pre-alerts indicate possible entries in minutes :00, :05, :10… :55

High Probability Signals

High signals will be the same that until now, fewer signals but quality entries, tested in long-term (more than 8 months of growing our account). Keeping our success rate over 85% – using reentry – and thus generate a steady profit.

Application notifications now changed, and what was once NEW SIGNAL, now is indicated as SIGNAL ‘HIGH’: AUDUSD CALL 10min. If it’s lost, we always indicate the reentry as REENTRY: AUDUSD CALL 10min to place a new Binary Option instantly.

*To maintain stable profit it is recommended you use the high probability signals.

Medium Probability Signals

Shorter price reversal, little more risky, but they are also good entries for binary options with good success rate to make money. Higher than 75% of profitable signals* using one reentry.

In the long term it is more difficult to ensure profitability, in contrast with the High Probability signals, but are designed for all traders who wish to realize their manual investment daily and get quickly profit.

These signals are focused also in 5, 10 and 15 minutes expiry, always bearing in mind the posibility of making a one reentry if it’s necessary, and will be notified with SIGNAL ‘MEDIUM’: GBPUSD PUT 5min.


Currency pairs traded

The currency pairs invested in are, EUR/USD, EUR/JPY, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, NZD/USD, USD/CAD, USD/CAF, AUD/USD.

How are these signals generated?

when there is a possible reversal of price, the expert traders places trade with the help of analysis algorithm, signals are now automatically generated. trades are placed directly on the mteatrader 4 platform, through the platform, trades are immmediately copied to the server tpo reach all users. this makes it possiblle for the signals to be recieved at the exact moment of execution.

How does fox signals work?

You  can trade it for yourself or use autotrading to copy all signals on your account and get very high win-rate. Around 150 signals are generated every month. Once you subscribe,  you will also recieve signals through their mobile app or online platform. If you are using mobile app, all you need to do is to download the app for IOS or android, login then wait for the notifications. If you choose to use the fox binary signals online platform, just open your browser, login your account and go to live signal page, leave it open and wait for the alarm to sound.

How to trade with fox binary signal

The Fox Signals indicates the currency you should trade in, the direction (CALL or PUT), the expiry time and the corresponding opening price of the platform.

Benefits of using fox binary signal

  • Stable and long term profit
  • You are allowed to test the signal free of charge for 10 days once you subscribe
  • Quality signals
  • beginners friendly
  • accepts Paypal
  • Your investment is safe
  • copy trades from experienced traders
  • You can choose any broker of your choice
  • They provide transparent services.
  • Real performance on fully verified myfxbook account where you can see the evolution of profits made by their trades.
  • Highly profitable signal service
  • Also have auto traders if you wish.


We strongly recommend the FoxSignals. Fox Signals have been achieving consistent good results and subscribers are very pleased with their services. The results are verifiable on myfxbook. The Fox binary signals has a strong customer rating, this service is simply one of the best you can ever find in the industry. You can sign up to get a free 10 day trial

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