Reviews: Don’t sign up to Etbot Crypto Trading before reading this review from professionals! CRYPTO prices are back in the spotlight after some outrageous world events and market volatility for prices. The CORONA virus landed and fear is high! With the Bitcoin halving event soon to come, the potential for profit has never been higher in this new market of digital currencies.

Let’s face the truth, we are all interested to some level in Crypto, who wouldn’t want to times their money by 10,000, or get rich overnight? The truth is though, most don’t do that, most don’t “buy a btc lambo”, most lose everything they have. This happens because most never find the right service at the right time that can actually produce what they want – profitable consistency.

We spend thousands of Dollars every year testing all different services out there, almost all ended up losing for us or just not being very good, still we continue to hunt down opportunities for you to enjoy and connect with, we are opportunity seekers after all.

Our goal is to connect you with market proven systems which result in you generating positive returns. No one in the world can predict the future accurately enough to rely on full time, but we can test, review and work out who we can rely on to partner up with and make money to better our lives.

INTRODUCING ETBOT: A 100% automated AI Bot software service – AI EVOLVED

etbot reviews

Do you want to have automatic trades that produce profitable statistical returns? Do you want to be able to set up an account and let it grow without needing to interfere or invest more time and energy with it? Are you tired of losing custody of your trading investment funds and getting scammed by brokers? Are you ready to have full control? This is why you need to see – these guys can provide their trades inside your account in real time!

According to website; “ETBOT is a systematic artificial intelligence and machine learning driven technical analysis algorithm, created to capture and exploit explosive market opportunities. We connect clients to our Alpha & Beta (high risk/low risk) Bot strategies.”

This really is a 100% automatic service. You buy a plan for an amount of time you want, and then just connect your exchange account to the Bots. AI trading strategies are available for you to connect to and start benefiting from; these same strategies have been making profits since 2018 for thousands of others.

ETBOT is real AI and machine learning. Their service uses technical tools to trade consistently so you don’t have to. This is not a figure it out yourself bot, you will not need to trade, be online or even connected to the internet once you set it up. It is a 100% hands free service. Only you have control of your trading account and trading capital. To connect the ETBOT service you make a safe and easy API key connection which gives the bots the ability to execute their strategy trades on your funds!

etbot io dashboard

This is not some crappy typical bot service that won’t work, forget the overpriced and unreliable, Bot, or even Hassonline Bot. ETBOT is a real and profitable provider of trading results, they have a proven history backed by decades of proven results with people who have real science degrees in AI and Machine Learning.

Should I use ETBOT?

Just like, ETBOT was made with a target in mind: Retail level investors, which have $100 or more to use and invest, to make money with the online markets.

Obviously you can always make your own decisions while trading and investing. Most of us just want something reliable and automatic to use as we are too busy to worry about it or spend time on it. For a Retail trader, connecting to amazing performance over time is critical to making more money.

ETBOT will limit you to $5000 as a maximum balance you can connect because bigger clients need to go to EndoTech the institutional side, where you also have profit share fees. Anyone wanting to connect more than $5000 on ETBOT subscriptions can pay for multiple subscriptions also and connect multiple exchange balances.

etbot performance

This is a high risk product and a high risk market, so know it has to be risk capital that you use. This is not like going to the casino, playing slot machines or blackjack, it is not a product meant for gamblers. People who want to multiply their investment capital by large amounts are most suitable to connect with ETBOT systems. ETBOT wants to work for you and your funds and statistically they aim to deliver 100% returns or better.

These guys have made profits year on year and can be relied upon to do it again in the future. All you need to do is create a set of API keys in your exchange accounts to connect the service. The plans are available to pick from 3/6/12 month options and start from as little as $125.

How can I connect ETBOT?

Today it is super easy, safe and fast to generate and connect accounts using API Keys. ETBOT the situation is the same; they are able to connect to your trading account using a secure API Key. An API Key connection to ETBOT provides the ability to execute trades real time – the strategy and your account takes the exact same trade live.

etbot connect

For easy instructions check the ETBOT website which explains which exchanges you can use and how to handle the API keys needed.

Here are the available brokers, exchanges and OTC providers which are available to use when connecting to ETBOT systems: accepted brokers and exchanges

Connecting your first Bot Strategy with

We can see that there are clearly four distinct strategies available for us to choose from via the main portfolio page. We see two types of ETH and BTC strategy (Alpha and Beta). It is important to keep in mind that because Alpha strategies sell short, a margin active exchange account will be needed. For those not wanting or able to connect a margin account, Beta strategies are what you should use as they are long breakout strategies only, and do not require any margin ability at all.

etbot strategies

As you may already see just from this image, the performance and profitable results from these strategies is quite something! Remember, using the PERFORMANCE and HISTORY buttons provided, even before you buy you can see every single trade and all historical information published, including the ability to use a calculator and check different date ranges for profitability – this is just part of what makes using so special, there are no hidden costs, no surprises, no games. ETBOT provides 100% transparent market proven AI bot strategy, which anyone can connect to and control at will.

More questions to answer?

Don’t worry if you are still not quite ready to get an account up and start using the service. The team are friendly, professional and extremely knowledgeable regarding the crypto market, exchanges, making transfers, understanding settings and of course always able to explain any part of the service, strategies or company behind the site.

Feel free to interact with their team directly via website contact forms, live website chat, the [email protected] address or even via social pages such as Linkedin, Telegram and Facebook.

How to buy your first subscription plan with

You have to appreciate a service like this one that keeps the barrier to entry super low. There are three types of subscription plans to choose from, each one offering slightly more benefits which are clearly listed on the page. You can also choose from 3, 6 or 12 month options – the more time you choose the cheaper it gets! If you want to, there is a compare plans button at the bottom to bring you some more relevant info on each one, and to help you decide which is best for you to begin with.

Another great thing is that you can buy multiple subscriptions, or even upgrade a subscription later – so there is always room to grow. At ETBOT you only ever pay a subscription for the time you want the bots connected for, you never need to pay any profit share or further fees. There is only one limit, ETBOT states that the maximum balance you can connect is $5000 – any client wishing to run higher risk than $5000 in a single balance connection should get over to the Institutional mother company where such high level servicing will happen, and where a profit share quarterly incentive is also paid.

etbot license price

The site accepts payment for subscriptions in BTC, ETH, USDT, PayPal, Credit Card and Debit Card – again another easy way to see quality, only real companies and services could ever offer PayPal as a payment option.

As soon as you are ready, just click “SUBSCRIBE” on any plan you want, then follow the simple steps to complete the purchase. Well done! You are now an official ETBOT client!

I have a subscription: Now what do I do?

CONGRATULATIONS! You just purchased for yourself direct access to the best and most profitable product in the market. All we need now to connect the bots is to save our exchange API key information in the ETBOT API page, within the “My Account” area on once signed in.

Don’t worry if you have never made API keys before, or even if you do not know what an API key is! Check out this page for exchange by exchange easy instruction and guides to a successful ETBOT account connection: SCAM or LEGITIMATE???

In our experience there are no other services out there where you have full connection and service from proven and pedigree systems AND where only you get to control your trading capital. This is a client based custody solution, and the only one of its kind in the market to date. Only with ETBOT do you keep full control of your trading balance, your exchange account and the API connection bots run on.

The published history and performance is transparent – from the moment you connect an account the same exact positions strategies trade and publish will also appear in real time in your live trading account.

This is 100% automated. Market proven and better yet the mother company services some of the largest funds, family offices and Corporate Institutions in the market via – This menas for us little Retail guys we get the hedge fund level service and results, filtered down into our own accounts, for a tiny percent of the true cost.

In short – if you want to make money with crypto and inside the cryptocurrency market there is only one guaranteed way to get there without first destroying yourself….

Start using ETBOT today – AI Evolved, empowering your financial future, today.

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