Searching for Ecobox fuel saver reviews? Are you wondering if Ecobox Fuel Saver is scam? Read this review to know why Ecobox does not save you any fuel.

What Is Ecobox Fuel Saver

Ecobox is a small and light-weight gadget that promises to enhance your car’s ECU system, thereby helping you save money on gas by reducing your engine’s fuel consumption by up to 35%. It does so by remapping your ECU to optimise fuel consumption according to your driving habits.

A single Ecobox device costs $44.94 on a 50% discount.

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How Does Ecobox Work

According to the makers of this device, when the Ecobox tuning box is plugged into the OBD2 connector of your car, it will receive information from the car’s ECU and with that data, adjust the pressure and injection timing of your car, thereby reducing fuel consumption.

But is this true? Does Ecobox fuel saver work?

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What We Found About Ecobox Fuel Saver!

Ecobox, just like Ecochip, another fuel saver gadget, promises more than is possible. Generally, most fuel saver devices aggressively advertised on the internet are scams. On howstuffworks, Matt Cunningham explained:

Many so-called fuel-saving devices are simply well-packaged hoaxes that base their claims on questionable science and offer little or no change in a vehicle’s performance. In some cases, these devices can actually hurt mileage and cause engine damage.

Most modern cars are built to consume less fuel. Anything lesser than the manufacturers’ recommendations may ruin the car’s engine. Ecobox is one of many fake fuel saver devices claiming they will help you save money by reducing your engine’s fuel consumption. On their website, there are over a thousand fake five-star reviews.

However, when you head over to Amazon to see what real customers are saying about fuel saver gadgets, you will meet reviews like this one below:

This will ruin your car, it stays on even when the car is off, drains your battery, once you hit about 160 miles it messed up your fuses and drive terrain and check engine light comes on. I didn’t listen to reviews so I had to see for myself. DO NOT BUY

-Falah Mohammad


Ecobox is a hoax. Do not buy into their false promises. The best way to improve fuel consumption is to have a well-serviced car.

If you’ve used Ecobox fuel saver, please share your experience with us in the comment section.

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