binbot pro logoThe Binbot Pro Software Binary Trading. Our detailed BinBot Pro system review. Is it a Scam or Not?

BinBot PRO is a software designed for everyone irrespective of your trade proficiency, to help trade binary options completely on autopilot. Now we decided to do this review, to make you know about this robot, and decide if its the right choice for you.

This software is developed and registered in the UK. The Bin Bot Pro system trades currency pairs with profitable accuracy. It monitors market movements and combines it with historical datas to determine the right entry point to place a profitable trade.

Features of BinBot PRO

This software packs lots of amazing features that are easily customizable to suit your preferences and trade goals. The profits you make depends on your start up deposit and their types of robot you choose. The BinBot Pro is completely free of charge, but to help you trade, you have to open an acoount through them with their synchronized brokers. After which you set it up and it completely starts place trades for you on autopilot.

Trusted Sync Brokers:

The BinBot Pro website software is synchronized with two brokers. It does not belong to these brokers but it is a third party system that helps you trade on the platform of their synced brokers. The two brokers that are compatible with the BinBot Pro platform are Binary Mate and Finrally.

binbot pro brokers

Fully web based:

What this means is that, you don’t have to download the software. This means their platform could be accessed from any device that is accessible to the internet, it may be your smartphone, laptop or desktop or any type of browser. And you don’t have to worry about updates, because it is served over the web.

Lots of Trading Indicators:

There are multiple indicators built into the Binbot Pro sofware. This allows it to monitor market price movements in real time, and analyse it to seek out profitable trades.

Wide range of Currency Pair assets:

Most trades in Binary options are done on currency pairs, that doesn’t mean you can’t trade other assets like stocks and indices with binary options. Having said that, this bot has a huge list of currency pairs you could trade on, withe most popular once being EUR/USD, GBP/USD,  USD/CAD, USDJPY, USD/AUD..

Robost Support:

Binbot pro support is robust. The customer care attendants are very friendly and ever ready to assist you wherever needed. They offer a live chat support on their site and they could also be reached through their email whichever you decide.

How to Join Bin Bot Pro

Open a Free account, It is easy, on sign up a broker would be assigned to you. There are different types of account this software uses- Bronze could be opened with a minimum deposit of $250, Siver could be opened with minimum of $1000 and Gold with a minimum of $3000. This money is deposited on your broker account, it doesn’t go to Binbot Pro which is a free software. The robot will use the deposited funds to trade for you. Feel free to open any account type with your investment capital and the level of income you which to make. However,the higher- the more the income.

Summary of how to make money with this bot

The summary of how to start earning with the binbotpro is outlined in the picture below. It just takes few steps.

Review Verdict

BinBot pro is a professional autotrading binary software Traders from all countries are accepted. US Traders are also welcomed.


Binbot Pro is no longer performing optimally.

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5 years ago

I opened an account with this site a week ago and deposited $250. I tried Binary Options prior to this but only did manual trading. I didn’t use any of their robots, so I do have some experience with these types of sites and trading options. I Finally got my account verified and selected a robot (bolly Bounce) and then hit run. I have 20+ years experience day trading with a current return rate of %135 and am very familiar with technical analysis and charts. I found no information on the site regarding what criteria to go by to build… Read more »

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