TAI ROBOTIC REVIEW: Scam Trading Software Exposed! See Proofs

TAI Robotic Trend Indicator Review: Is it a Legit binary software or another SCAM? Read before joining. The acronym TAI stands for Trading Artificial Intelligence. It claims to be to predict the pattern of trade in the currency market using artificial intelligence, this is how it got the name. the question is, is this claim actually true?  Certainly NO…See reasons.

tai robotic trend indicator

Who are the creators of TAI robotic Trend Indicator software

The video was presented by a man who goes by the name John Doe, it was a smart move by him introducing himself as a paid actor which he is and his use of a fake name. He said he is actually presenting on behalf of the owner of TAI Robotic known as Alex kenct who as a computer geek is scared to face the camera lenses to do the presentation himself. Now here goes the twist, the supposed Alex Kenct is not a computer programmer in real life, he is also a professional actor(Evidence further down in the review), we must confess he did a wonderful role acting that script that if you are not keen enough you would be easily swayed by these bunch of scammers. This takes scamming to a whole new level, we must say; this is an intelligently well thought out scam technique.

tai robot scam

TAI ROBOTIC Scam Busted!!!

In the video, John Doe claims that he works with an advertising company but the truth is that he is a recognised scammer as well. Why is it that he never mentioned the name of this advertising company if truly he is what he claims? This shows that he is not who he claims to be.

even the so called alex kenct, the alleged owner of this software,  that was described as a nerd happens to be hired actor who even acted as one of the beta testers for Azure method(see picture evidence) a well known scam. There he goes with the name Paul carr

tai robotic scam

and now he has come up with the story that he is a programmer of self driving car in Germany which makes use of artificial intelligence so he was able to develop a software that could also carry out trade using artificial intelligence too. With each new scams, these scammers keep changing their names and assuming new roles. He did not even give us any convincing statement explaining how artificial intelligence by TAI Robotic software could be used to trade successfully, thereby making gains for its users as promised. TAI robotic app results are dismal.

The bottom line of these stories framed by this scammers is that their intention is to brainwash unsuspecting traders so that they will end up falling for their tricks and once your money has been deposited in the broker’s account they are affiliated with, the money now belongs to these scammers and their affiliated brokers and any attempt to recover your money will be a waste of time since these brokers are not regulated. And surely you would certainly lose that money to these thieves.

Review Verdict


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TAI robotic trend indicator is a dangerous SCAM, this software has nothing to offer. it is just based on lies from well know scammers. Avoid TAI robotic software if you do not want to regret your actions later.

Trading binary options could be very profitable, only if you use legitimate softwares and tools. Run away from scams, they will lose your investments and leave you devastated. Only use systems recommended by our team of professionals. 


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