Upistic.com Reviews: Is upistic.com paying? Because we are concerned about the financial safety of our readers, we did extensive research and made a review on Upistic.

Please read our review before you decide if you should throw your time, expectation, and money into this platform.

What Is Upistic.com?

Upistic is a high-yield investment program (HYIP). They claim to be a cryptocurrency trading platform with investment plans that promise to provide a stable, passive income for investors.

Upistic is located on www.upistic.com. Their contact information is:

Email: [email protected]

Upistic Review
Upistic Review

How Does Upistic.com Work?

Upistic claims to run a platform designed to return unbelievable profit in so short a time. They accept the following payment methods: Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Payeer, and Ethereum. 

Upistic has investment plans that promise up to 2.3% daily profit forever. In addition to their investment plans, they offer up to 5% referral bonus.

The supposed assurance and profitability of investing with Upistic would be attractive to any investor. But should you trust Upistic.com?

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What We Found about Upistic.com!

Upistic claims to be a legally regulated and registered company but this is not a reliable information. We are aware that getting a verified company registration credential is not a guarantee of authenticity. 

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Anyone can, for as low as $50, get a certificate of legal registration from Company House. 

Their website, Upistic.com, after passing through a series of tests, shows it is very recent. And since its domain life span is one year, we are skeptical about their authenticity.

We are aware that Upistic.com, like every other high-yield investment program (HYIP), is not sustainable. They operate like pyramid schemes where early investors are required to cajole people into signing up, too, and, in this way, they get paid. But, as always, the downlines begin to thin and the pyramid can’t sustain itself anymore, hence it crashes. The early investors may benefit, the creators of the platform would definitely benefit, but there are those who would receive the short end of the stick.

The reasons why you should be weary of investing your money with Upistic are:

  • Their certifications and testimonials are unverified and therefore could be false, a way to win the trust of unsuspecting investors.
  • We found no information on the company or the people behind Upistic. This is a red flag, as there is no one to hold accountable should things go south. 
  • Upistic promises to provide long term investment plans but we discovered that their domain is a short life expectancy domain and could go offline at any moment.


Upistic.com, despite seeming reliable, should be approached with caution. As there is always a risk factor in any investment, and also a possibility of loss. 

Never forget to invest with money you can afford to lose. Business models like this are never sustainable and could crash at any time.

There are many untrustworthy investment websites on the internet promising get rich quick options. Most people attracted by these “too good to be true” ROIs from these sites have invested their money expecting profit but lost everything in the end. You do not have to become one of them to learn from their experience. 

It is unfair to fall victim to fraud and lose the money you earned from honest work. Fact-checking should be a priority before you throw in money into any online investment scheme.

If you’ve invested with this platform or attempted to do so, please share your experience with us in the comment section.


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