Do you want to shop on Suneasily for Bogg Bag? Thinking if Suneasily is a genuine online store? Carefully read this review to find out why our scam detector gave a poor trust score.

About is an e-store that sells bogg bags for different purposes like  shopping, traveling, beach, adventure etc.

Currently, Suneasily offers “Buy 3 Get 15% and 50% OFF “.

The online store accepts different payment options like Visa, PayPal, MasterCard, American Express and more.

However, while this online store has presented itself attractive on its website, we have discovered some red flags that expose this site. Some findings made are:

  • It has a low trust score of 1%
  • No Social media presence
  • There are Fake Trusted Seals on the website which are not from the authorized organizations.
  • Owner’s information not available

Meanwhile, if you still want to buy from this store, keep reading!

Other Reasons Is a Suspicious Site

Suspicious Discounts

The discount prices on the website are too good to be true. These are red flags showing that the store is only drawing attraction for shoppers. However, it is a bait and switch scam.

No Social Media

Suneasily has not mentioned any social media platform on its website. This is questionable and shows that is hiding its information from its buyers. Also, it is suspicious as genuine stores always provide social media links on its website. This is an indicator that it is not a reputable store.

Contents Quality seems attractive, but most contents on the site are not unique.

Customer Reviews

Customers’ reviews speak more on the products, as reviews are based on real experiences that help in learning about the online store — sale services, delivery process, and product quality.

There are positive reviews only on its, however, this cannot be confirmed on reputable online sources. Thus, buyers should find this website questionable.

Is Legit? has a lot of red flags. More so, just like different scam e-commerce stores, it slashes prices to lure customers. However, when they order items, they receive a complete different product or poor quality of what was ordered. Here is a bait and switch scam.

Conclusion does not seem trustworthy from what we have discovered about the online platform. Therefore, we do not recommend this online store for shopping.

Like Pelilys and other suspicious websites, they have trust scores that are worrisome.

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By Dan

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