Powerful Forex EA Review: This EA is a Forex robot that comes with an unlimited license and works on the MT4 platform. Today we will be Powerful Forex EA to ascertain if the service this vendor is offering is worth the purchase. Read through our review to see what experts have to say about the Forex trading software.

What Are Forex EAs, Signals or Indicators?

An expert advisor (EA) is software that directs and guides you on what trades to make or pass on, it even automatically initiates and carries out trades according to a set of already programmed instructions. Expert advisors are most often deployed on the MT4 or MT5 forex trading platforms.

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We cannot overstate the advantages and usefulness of Expert advisor. Among the many advantages is the slight learning curve involved in using the Expert Advisor. That is to say, you need little learning to use an EA as the trades are being carried out by a set of instructions already made by an expert. Another advantage is that it can consider a lot of variables that humans may not have the time or potential to handle.

It is normal and not out of character for a Forex EA vendor or signal providers to lay claims to their product being a sure-fire way for you to get richer (it’s mostly just marketing.). This is because anyone who is looking for a signal provider is searching for a hassle-free way to make some profit.

However, traders need to be careful about believing everything they encounter in the business sphere. Some are geared to just deceive and steal their funds. Considering what is offered and proofs are effective means of discovering fraud as well as reading our reviews and comparing the offers to those of other legit vendors at the bottom of this article.


Powerful Forex EA Review

On opening the website, our first take away was that the design of the website was a bit underwhelming. It feels amateurish and hurried, to cut it short, the designs looks unprofessional. 

The website is divided into four sections with one part highlighting the following features 

  • PowerfulForex works without indicators. It calculates the entry point by analyzing the movement of the market over the previous days. Also, based on this the EA calculates a take profit.
  • The Expert Advisor has an elaborate money management, which will protect you from the losses that you are not ready to bear.
  • The EA is very easy to use. You can start with only $340. All the settings were developed in such a way, so that they could be intuitively understandable even for beginners.

How Powerful Forex EA Works

In this section, we cover the strategy and methodology the EA works. We also take a look at the trade result if any is provided. For the trade results we hold results that are posted on myfxbook to be standard but we also consider fxblue and other alternatives.

This EA works on the MT4 and the MT5 Platform, it works on these currency pairs: EUR/USD,AUD/USD

The website doesn’t do much in the way of additional information for the strategy they employ. 

Powerful Forex Price

The Powerful Forex EA is available for $250 that comes with a lifetime of free updates. 

Customer Support

They provide a contact form and three different social media accounts.

Client Feedback

Customer feedback is a vital instrument for us to offer up a quantitative review and analysis of an EA. We mostly consider feedback on a third-party site as we have found that reviews on the official page might be manipulated, concocted, or paid for.

We couldn’t find enough reviews by paying customers to come to a decisive conclusion about this particular EA. 


Due to a lack of feedback, we couldn’t gauge the satisfaction of the customers. Although we won’t recommend this EA, it is reasonably priced and hence, consumers probably would not be taking much of an initial risk even if the EA cannot deliver the promised profitability. 

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