Hateclass.site Review: Genuine or Fraudulent Online Store

Is hateclass.site a scam online store? Or is hateclass.site legit? Because we are concerned about the financial safety of our readers, we did extensive research and made a review on Hateclass. Please read our review before you decide if you should shop from this online store.

What Is hateclass.site?

Hateclass is an e-commerce store that claims to sell travel bags, tops & bottoms, among others. They offer to ship and deliver worldwide. Hateclass is located on www.hateclass.site. Their contact information, as written on their website, is:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 701-203-9440
Address: 2299 Sycamore Circle, Grand Forks, ND 58203, United States

Hateclass Homepage
Hateclass Homepage

How Does hateclass.site Work?

Hateclass claims to sell top quality products at very affordable rates on their online store, but should you trust them? In the course of our research, we noticed that the affordability of their products serves as bait to attract unsuspecting buyers.

Hateclass.site uses a very neat and well-designed website layout, giving it a convincing feel. But this should not deceive you into believing hateclass.site is legit because most of these fraudsters go the extra mile to appear trustworthy. Hateclass accepts payments made through Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal.

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What We Found about hateclass.site!

Following the coronavirus outbreak, people have, due to the lockdown in cities, resorted to online stores for most things they need to buy. Fraudsters have taken to this opportunity to open up fraudulent websites where they steal money from unsuspecting buyers. We have taken the responsibility to carry out reviews on sites like Hateclass and expose their fraudulent schemes.

From reports found on the internet, many customers who bought from Hateclass complained about not receiving their orders after making payments, and those who did receive, got inferior products. Their website, hateclass.site, after passing through a series of tests, shows it is less than six months old and, therefore, should not be trusted.

The contents used on their webpages were copied from other sources, as we have, times without number, encountered the use of same contents in other fraudulent online stores. The other things which we found out about Hateclass which made us believe hateclass.site is a fake online store are:

  • The products sampled on hateclass.site are without customer reviews which is a bad sign.
  • There is no tracking system available on their website to monitor the progress of the ordered products.
  • Hateclass.site has no security system to protect customers’ private details; therefore, their details stand the risk of exposure.
  • We found no information on the company or the people behind Hateclass.
  • The owner of the domain name, hateclass.site, is hidden because fraudsters fear to show their faces.
  • They have no social media accounts in this age where all valid businesses have a social media handle.


Hateclass.site is an untrustworthy online store, like Shopyzaz, Scarfiv, Matastore, Theparisqueen, Fashinning, and, therefore, not recommended for use. They may be after your card details which they can use to hack into your bank account and steal from you. If you buy from them, you stand the risk of losing your money but getting no product in return. Protect yourself from swindlers.

There are many untrustworthy online stores on the internet promising to sell top-notch products but at heavily discounted rates. It is common to come across these e-commerce stores offering good looking products at appetizing prices. But, in the end, such stores usually turn out to be fraudulent.

Most people attracted by these “too good to be true” prices from these online stores have bought goods of their liking but received something different from what they had ordered, and of poor quality. Worse, some have placed orders with full payment yet received nothing but silence from the online vendors. You do not have to become one of them to learn from their experience.

It is unfair to fall victim to these fraudsters and lose the money you earned from honest work. Fact-checking should be a priority before you buy anything from an online vendor. If you’ve shopped from this store, or attempted to do so, kindly share your experience with us in the comment section.


By Zino

8 thoughts on “Hateclass Review: Is hateclass.site Scam or Legit? [Read This to Know]”
  1. I think the fair thing to do is to boycott websites that allow these crooks to operate. I was taken in by a site called Kayak Store. I refuse to purchase anything from Facebook or use Paypal to do anything other than to transfer money to friends and family. These fraudsters are paying websites like Facebook and others to advertise or handle payment of their scams. A real message needs to be sent that we’re not going to tolerate it and just refuse to shop on their websites. Furthermore, when reporting these fraudsters to the Federal Trade Commission and FBI, the site that advertised or handled payment should be implicated as one of the guilty parties. Let’s work together to enact some laws to hold these companies civilly and criminally responsible for participating with fraudulent advertisers. Hit them in the pocketbook with hefty fines and we’ll soon see them cleaning the junk up off of their websites.

    1. Oh yes, the listings especially via Google or anywhere else look very tempting. Since I also work in a security based company, I have second thoughts about such so-called “merchants” or even phone calls.

      Note however: The sad truth is some of these kids need money and lost hope into living, thinking that services like hateclass would offer them real work and until they find out they’re working on a scam site, it becomes too late. Basically, there are lots of “can of worms” to deal with, so although one scam site falls, another one around the block opens up. Anyway, I’ll just say this: be super wary when dealing with services coming from a third world country, and check the service’s location via some means.

  2. I ordered something from Hateclass.site and according to the tracking number they gave me, my item was delivered they day before I even placed the order!!!! I messaged them per PayPal and again was given a false tracking number, thank god PayPal looked into it and i’m getting refunded. Please beware of these scam sites, and really look into sites before ordering, I didn’t look into it deep enough, and got false reviews. Never again!

  3. I was scam on April 10,2020 for $49.00 for a filter,on a site called Hateclass, please watch out for the site call Choulio Shop, its identical to Hateclass site. Look at it That’s A shame, we work so hard for our money and have someone to take it away in a moment.

  4. My mother and myself was scammed from the Hateclass website, we purchased adult bicycles for 70$-80$ Each and received fake tracking numbers. Once we checked into tracking Where the package Was with USPS and UPS, After the notifications said the orders we delivered, they actually belonged to Amazon customers who live in our same zip code. So this scamming company is very good at providing fake information to mislead customers.

  5. I too was scammed by this company (hateclass.site). My instinct told me right away that something was off, but I purchased a bicycle through them anyway and the next day received a tracking # that showed item was delivered a week prior to my placing the order! The number provided on their website is out of service and no one will return your emails. The seller’s name was supposedly “Tony Stuart” which is laughable considering I am in a NASCAR state. I had to go back and forth with paypal a couple times via phone after my online claims were denied. They were extremely nice and super helpful! They claim that unfortunately paypal only looks to see if tracking shows that it was delivered to the appropriate city/state before deciding in favor of or against any claims made, so if you’re denied don’t just accept it…give them a call and speak with a representative. In doing so they were able to see that my purchase was made on 5/24/20, yet tracking showed delivered 5/13/20. I was issued a refund immediately. Do not just accept the conclusion of a robot. Have an actual person review your case independently! It’s unfortunate that people like this exist and, like others, I was able to justify buying from them as long as payment went through paypal assuming paypal was secure and would catch any fraudulent sellers, but this was not the case. Hopefully enough reviews will be placed on this fake business to shut it down

  6. I purchased a bicycle, they took money from my credit card and I have heard NOTHING! I have tried to contact via email and phone. The phone number is bogus! I’m trying to file a fraudulent claim with my credit card company but how do I go after the fraudulent hateclass instead of my credit card company having to eat the bill? Can anyone help me. Big lesson learned. I’ve been purchasing items online for years and this is the first time I’ve been ripped off!

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