Did you receive a text from Evri informing you that you missed a delivery? Do not engage. It is a scam text!

What Is Evri Missed Delivery Scam

People have been receiving texts that read “we missed your delivery please here to reschedule”. Attached to this text is a malicious link that, when clicked and followed through to the end, could compromise your personal information or bank details.

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How It Works

The link in that message is malicious and often carries malware or spyware, through which hackers can get into your phone. Their aim is to steal your private information, which they can use for identity theft. Also, as confirmed in this conversation on Reddit, the link takes you to payment page where you are made to input your credit card details. Those who go ahead with this end up giving up their credit card information to these hackers.

What To Do

When you receive such messages and want to be sure it is not scam, do the following:

  • send the original company an email to confirm the authenticity of the text
  • if the company says the message is not from them, delete the message immediately
  • do not, out of curiosity, click on the link to see where it leads


Phishing scams are on the rise these days, and a lot of people have lost sensitive information to hackers. Evri has even warned against this, providing their clients with steps to take to avoid being a victim.

We have come across scams like this. What you have to do firstly is not to click on links you do not understand, and always be sure the source of the message is genuine before you engage.

By Zino

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