Oct 15, 2020

Vapourep reviews

By Zino

One thought on “vapourep”
  1. I ordered a household ladder with postage worked out to about $55AUD. After a long wait the ‘small’ packaged arrived which was a cheap cloth toolbag. I contacted them and without apologising they offered a percentage off and suggested that it would cost me a lot to return it (even though it was their mistake) and it would be better to keep it. Anyway, I had paid with PayPal so assumed I was covered. Sent email transactions and photos of the packaging including transaction number (completely irrefutable evidence) to PayPal who decided for the seller!
    Now the seller has abandoned all the email addresses that they were using so is this a scam site? I’d call it yes, reputable companies don’t pull their email addresses for one person so I am assuming many people are complaining to them.

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