Jul 2, 2021

By Zino

2 thoughts on “bestfitne”
  1. Beware of Bestfitne. Prices too good to be true. They do not acknowledge your order nor send shipping information from their site. They only do business through PayPal. They do not respond to emails. I received shipping information only after lodging a complaint and after the shipment was “delivererd”. Because I had copies of six emails requesting acknowledgements, shipping information and repeated requests, then documented a fraudulent delivery did I get my money back from PayPal.

    1. Same exact thing happened to me. The seller responded to the PayPal dispute by producing a tracking number with no name for the shipping company. I searched ever carrier’s website until I found the right one. It was a USPS tracking no. For a package delivered to me from Amazon the week prior. Sheisters. Dont order from here.

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