Did you receive a text from 8105474279 telling you your debit card account has been locked? Do not engage. It is a scam text!

What Is Debit-Card Locked Alert Account Text?

People have been receiving text messages from a strange number, and the message reads:

Do You Know You Could Get Back Your Money If You Have Been Scammed?   Great News! Click HERE to Get Started

(Call 8105474279 Now ! 058#) #Debit-Card Locked Alert Account-ID:2175491781!

But this is a scam text we have seen countless times, and we know how it works.

How It Works

The text message directs the reader to call a phone number. Their aim is to pretend they want to help you unlock your debit card, but don’t be deceived; these people are scammers.

In the course of speaking with them, they would request for your personal information. Sharing this would be handing them the information they need to steal money from your card.

What To Do

When you receive such messages and want to be sure it is not scam, do the following:

  • send the organization an email to confirm the authenticity of the text
  • if the organization says the message is not from them, delete the message immediately
  • do not, out of curiosity, click the link or call that number to see where it leads


Phishing scams are on the rise these days, and a lot of people have lost sensitive information to hackers

We have come across scams like this a lot. What you have to do firstly is not to click on links you do not understand or call strange numbers, and always be sure the source of the message is genuine before you engage.

By Zino

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